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Lydia's Adventures - Chapter II

Lydia returned to the here/now abruptly, with no clear recollection of how much time she’d spent dog paddling about in those blue, blue eyes.

Behind her in the next booth, Gail cleared her throat loudly, and ventured, “Lydia, perhaps the gentleman would care to see some jewelry … ?”

“Uh, yes,” Lydia stammered, feeling ridiculous. “Uhm … How may I help you?”

Mr. Cute-as-a-Bug smiled down at her, and the corners of his eyes crinkled up.

Lydia caught herself wondering what harm a quick return visit to his eyes could do. “Oh, no,” thought, “I’ve no business at all getting lost in those eyes again. Uh-uh. Not me.”

She quickly turned away, moved her turquoise and unakite floral necklace to a different table, then grabbed a tissue and stifled yet another sneeze.

“Gesundheit,” said Tall, Dark and Blue-eyed. “I’m looking for a gift; something special, for a Special Lady.”

Something in the way he said it caused Lydia’s heart to take a quick elevator down to visit her kidneys.

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