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Chapter I - The Set-up

"John Wayne was a political Neanderthal who couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag,” Lydia groused, as she struggled to get her earring display up before the street fair opened. “He went to USC, for cryin’ out loud!" she added, dabbing at streaming eyes with one hand, while arranging long amethyst and sterling silver earrings to best advantage with the other.

In the next booth, Gail calmly adjusted a pyramid of glycerin soaps and inspected her efforts, “Well, that certainly counts against him,” she admitted.

“The only Oscar he ever got was for longevity, not for ability, which was lucky since he had so little!” Lydia punctuated her point with a violent sneeze.

"Good thing John Ford felt more kindly toward the Duke than you ladies do,” said a masculine voice from behind her, “or there'd be a whole lot less fine Western movies in the world."

Lydia spun around and looked up into the darkest, bluest eyes she'd ever seen on any man ... and instantly forgot about the street fair, her head cold, her conversation with Gail, and just about everything else.

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