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You can always find something cheaper.

But is is really?

There is a huge supply of jewelry available online today. How does one decide where to spend their hard-earned cash...and how much cash to spend?

Some jewelry sellers are hobbyists, some are professional designers who farm out the assembly, some "drop ship" jewelry; and some artisans handle the process -- from design to shipping -- themselves.

There are many hobbyists who are talented designers, but their work is overshadowed by the legions of dilittantes among their ranks. Wouldn't you feel more secure making your purchase from an established business whose aim it is to keep you satisfied (and preferably overjoyed) and coming back for more?

As for those designers whose pieces are made by others, often on a production line basis: the quality of such work must suffer in the process; and there can be nothing of the unique in such pieces.

The less said about drop ship, warehouse jewellery the better.

You may find some jewelry at incredibly low prices, but why would someone sell a pair of earrings for .99? Well, those earrings may be a "loss leader" or a product a seller offers at a very low price to encourage people to check out their other offerings. We have not had much luck with that strategy. We would have failed in business long ago if we had used our resources to support that type of thought process. We offer our handcrafted artisan jewelry at prices that work for your budget, and that still allow us to stay in business and offer you high quality items.

Another issue is the quality of materials a jeweler uses. That .99 pair of earrings isn't such a bargain if the earring findings cause an allergic reaction or fall apart after you wear them a few times. We list our materials in each item description so that you know, up front, what you are buying. We also offer to change jewelry findings based on your preferences and allergies. You may love toggle clasps, but we have used a lobster claw clasp. Just request we use a toggle and in most cases we will be able to accomodate that request.

Be sure to check shipping charges when buying any item with a "too good to be true" low price. Often, in an attempt to cover costs on low-priced items, a seller may add a "handling" charge. You may get a pair of earrings for .99, but you may also have to pay $5 or more for shipping with an additional handling charge of $1-$5. The final price is then $7-$11.

We offer our products with NO handling fees. Shipping costs on our jewellery and accessories are exactly what we pay for postage and insurance. We strive to give you the information you need to make an informed decision with no surprises and a quick delivery time frame.

We also provide excellent customer service, and pack our products in gift quality boxes whenever possible (we've yet to find a nice box to fit our shoulder-length gloves, so they must come soft wrapped; such instances are rare, however). We believe that the way to stay in business for the long term is to focus on high quality components, excellent customer service and packaging that protects your purchase during shipping. If your purchase is a gift, you won't have to make an extra trip to present your gift properly. We focus on pleasing our customers.

Another issue is the length of time it will take to receive your item. Some jewelry companies utilize a "drop ship" arrangement. They sell you an item which is shipped from a warehouse. They have no control over whether the product is in stock or when it will be shipped. We handcraft each piece of jewelry from materials we source, and handle your transaction from design through shipping. There won't be any surprises such as the item on which you have set your heart not being in stock, or taking 2-3 weeks to get to you.

What if you wish to return or exchange your purchase? Some companies do not allow returns or exchanges, or may offer a store credit only. We have a liberal return and exchange policy. We want you to be thrilled with your purchase and with our service.

In the end, don't be fooled by "too good to be true" prices. Making an informed decision about your jewelry purchase will prevent unpleasant surprises and you will have a piece of jewellery that you will be able to wear and enjoy for a long time.

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